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Website and Social Media Launch

Today marks a milestone for the organization and for myself. By launching this website and the Facebook page, we are officially out there for people to find us. Which in some ways means there is no turning back and no more excuses. There is only one direction we can move from this point, and that is forward. Which is what we will be doing over the next few months, as God directs and leads.

I do know that the next step will be to begin printing and putting together packages to hand out to local churches. I have no idea which churches to begin with, so I will be spending time in prayer to the Lord, because I know there are men and women in service to him that are hurting and need support now. I do not know what form of ministry or in what areas those individuals or those churches will need ministry in. However, I do trust in God to provide the wisdom and direction as we move forward.

As promotional materials become available I will share them on social media and make them available to begin getting our name out there. I will also begin to open up my schedule as I am available to provide ministry services to those who are seeking it.

Thank you for taking the time to support our cause and our vision. May God's Love, Grace, and Mercy be upon all of us today. Until next time, may all of us walk in God's plan and within his blessings.

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